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How to Avoid a Rear-End Collision

Rear end collisions are the most frequent type of collision. Because of property damage and medical expenses, they can be quite expensive. Who is liable for a rear-end collision? Typically, the driver that rear-ended the vehicle is to blame for a rear end collision. What can you do to avoid being rear-ended or rear-ending another […]

6 Tips for Finding the Right Commercial Insurance Policy

While insurance coverage is not something business owners love to talk about, having the proper coverage is essential. Commercial insurance packages include plans such as property, general liability, and other optional policies bundled together under one plan to suit each of your business needs. Without coverage, you could be responsible for medical expenses, legal fees […]

What the Flood of 2017 Taught us

Southern Illinois was hit with rainfall has high as 11 inches in some areas, over a span of two days. That caused major flooding in the region. Several people were evacuated from their homes by boat in Johnston City, Illinois. Flooding impacted both homeowners and renters as they had to get someone like ServiceMaster Restoration […]

Considerations When Buying Homeowners Insurance

Homeowners insurance – What is really covered by your policy? So, you are shopping for homeowners insurance to protect your home and the assets in it. When comparing policies and getting quotes, it is important to find out exactly what you are paying for. Is water or flood damage covered or is this a separate […]

Flood Insurance – Overlooked but Necessary

Across the nation, people are faced with disasters as a result of everything from snowstorms and thunderstorms, to hurricanes and tornadoes. They strike many areas annually, and virtually every natural weather event has its own unique set of characteristics. But the one thing they all share in common is their potential to bring significant amounts […]

Is Disability Insurance Right for You?

Disability insurance covers you for an extended period of time. Should you be injured or suffer an illness that leaves you unable to work. The two primary types of disability coverage are short term disability and long term disability insurance. Long term coverage can be for a period of up to five years or until […]

Tips for Finding the Best Auto Insurance

Even though many vehicle owners use price as the main factor when selecting an insurance policy, price alone is not an effective tool when comparing auto insurance rates. Below are a few points you should consider when looking for a new insurance policy. Identify Your Needs and Risk Tolerance First identify the type of coverage […]

Winterize Motorcycle Insurance Policy & Your Bike

As the seasons begin to change every rider, whether they’re a new driver with their first bike or an experienced biker with a new bike because they sold their old one on www.wewantyourmotorbike.com, begins planning what to do with his or her motorcycle during the winter months. Actually, as experienced riders know, this is a […]